BalletBucks is a fundraising program at Philadelphia Dance Theatre. Families buy gift cards through PDT and the Studio earns rebates. The most effective way for families to help is to sign up to order and pay for purchases online. You can then pay for purchases right from your smart phone. Retailer like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Lands End, Marshalls, want to give money to PDT! We just need you to help! Follow the steps below to get started. Thank you!

Steps to create your online BalletBucks account:

Go to

Fill in the required information, click “I Accept.”

Steps to Sign up for PrestoPay.

Click on the PrestoPay link under Family Functions on your Dashboard

Enter your bank account information on the secure website

Great Lakes Scrip Center will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. Enter these amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify your account

You’ll receive an email with an approval code to send to your coordinator

*You can watch an online video on the  that walks you through step by step for the PrestoPay set up. We highly recommend the video.

Steps to Download MyScripWallet to your smart phone.

Directions for iPhone

Navigate to using the Safari browser.

Select the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.  Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’, then ‘Add’.  

Click on the new icon to access the site just as you would to open an app.

Directions for Android phone

Navigate to using the Chrome browser.

Access the Chrome menu button and select ‘Add to home screen’, then ‘Add’. 

Click on the new icon to access the site just as you would to open an app.

Throughout the year, PDT will offer special prizes to families who order- gift cards, private lessons with Joy, and other great perks!