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All students must be formally registered prior to attending classes at Philadelphia Dance Theatre. The registration process includes completion of all registration information through PDT's School Management System known as The Studio Director. There is a an annual registration fee for each family.  Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable.  Students enrolled in any division have the flexibility to take as many classes at their level or lower levels as desired.  Tuition is a flat monthly rate according to student level in order to encourage student participation in multiple classes as necessary for proper advancement. 

The ages listed are a general guideline to student level. Dancers progress according to individual ability not necessarily age.

Dress code must be observed.  Click here to download our dress code policies.  

Pre-School Division

Level                  Age                  Monthly Fee

Pre-Ballet 1      3-4 years         $70.00

Pre-Ballet 2      4-5 years         $70.00

Pre-Ballet 3      5-6 years         $70.00

Primary Division

Placement in levels at Philadelphia Dance Theatre is based upon each child's individual development.  Each dancer will develop at their own physi0logical rate.

Ballet is hard and it takes daily practice, discipline, and dedication.  Each dancer is evaluated by their abilities, what they can comprehend, and put into their bodies.  All new students must be evaluated in a class before placed in a level.

Level                         Age                       Monthly Fee

Ballet 1 & 1x            7-8 years             $80.00

Ballet 2 & 2x           8-10 years           $150.00 

Ballet 3 & 3x           10-12 years          $260.00

Ballet 4 & 4x           13 - 14 years        $310.00

Pre-Professional Division

Dancers eligible in Level 5 and up.  A rigorous training and performing schedule, which includes daily classes, summer intensive training and performances in A Philadelphia Nutcracker, Breaking Ground, Philadelphia Youth Dance Fest, Delaware Dance Festival and Members of Regional Dance America attend annual Festival.

Level                         Age                       Monthly Fee

Ballet 5, 5x & 6      15-17 years          $365.00      

Adult Division         

18 and up (no registration require)  

Adult students may pay by the class, by using a Class Card, or through monthly regular tuition.

Fee per class: $13.00

Class Card (12 classes): $150



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