Get Started with Dance Classes

Get Started with Classes

How can you can started with dance classes at Philadelphia Dance Theatre? The short answer is, "Just show up, ready to dance!" For the first class, there are no obligations. You don't have to register, enroll in a class, or purchase dance wear. Our policy is that dancers can "Try Out" a class free of charge, and if they want to continue, then you can register and enroll online. Our Spring Session begins the week of January 8th, 2018. Below, we provide you with more detailed information about getting started. If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at, or call us at (215) 247-4272. See you in the Studio!

4 Steps to Start Classes:

1. Determine the "Try Out" level for your dancer.
2. Consult our class schedule to choose a day and time to "Try Out."
3. Show up ready to dance!
4. Register and enroll.

Step 1. Determine the "Try Out" level for your dancer

Levels for dancers are determined by a combination of age and their individual development. Use the table below to decide which is appropriate for a "Try Out" class. If you aren't sure which might be best, don't worry. We suggest that if you have doubts, go one level below. We don't want your dancer to be intimidated by trying a class that is too much to handle. During class, the instructor will assess their abilities, and at the conclusion, recommend the level that is best suited to enable them to thrive in class.

What About the Boys Tuition-Free Program?
We have boys-only classes for dancers age 10-17. Younger dancers are placed in our classes with the girls. We have found that this dynamic promotes their focus and a more satisfying dance education environment for everyone. And yes, boys are tuition-free!

Pre-School Division
Level                  Age                  Monthly Fee
 (unlimited classes at their level)
Pre-Ballet 1      3-4 years         $70.00
Pre-Ballet 2      4-5 years         $70.00
Pre-Ballet 3      5-6 years         $70.00

Primary Division
Level                         Age                       Monthly Fee
(unlimited classes at their level)
Ballet 1 & 1x            7-8 years             $80.00
Ballet 2 & 2x           8-10 years           $150.00
Ballet 3 & 3x           10-12 years          $260.00
Ballet 4 & 4x           13 - 14 years        $310.00

Pre-Professional Division
Level                         Age                       Monthly Fee (unlimited classes at their level)
Ballet 5, 5x & 6      15-17 years          $365.00      

Teen/Adult Division         
No levels                 12 and up            Fee per class: $13.00, purchase a Class Card (12 classes): $144, or pay through monthly regular tuition.

Step 2. Once you have determined your dancer's level, click here for our Class Schedule, to choose a convenient time to "Try Out."

Step 3. Show up ready to dance!

If you have dance wear (leotard, tights, shoes) that's great — wear them to the "Try Out" class. If you don't, just show up with comfortable clothes that you can move in, like active wear. If you don't have ballet flats, you can go barefoot.
We even have a Dance Wear Thrift Sale, with $5.00 leotards and ballet flats!

Step 4. Register and Enroll

When you decide that you love the class and want to be a part of Philadelphia Dance Theatre, you can register and enroll online

Thank you!